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8 Reasons To Eat Our Nuts Bundle


It's not hard to wrap your arms around these flavors, and it’s nuts nobody has until now! Imagine a nut with loads of healthy fats, protein, and fiber (plus vitamins E and B—seriously, there’s so much goodness), but also bursting with amazingly unique, can’t-get-enough flavors that’ll have you reaching for more and more. Well we created them. Octonuts snack line takes California-grown almonds infused with our own cold-pressed almond oil and layers them up with flavor upon flavor upon flavor. This bundle is a surefire way to enjoy our try all eight of our almond snack varieties.

Contains 1 of each 16oz Almond Nut Snack variety: Natural Raw Whole Almonds, Dry Roasted Unsalted Almonds, Dry Roasted Sea Salt Almonds, Roasted Herbs de Provence Almonds, Roasted Korean BBQ Almonds,, Roasted Olive Oil & Lemon Almonds, 2 Roasted Salt & Vinegar Almonds