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Protein-Packed Hot Chocolate Coffee (Video)

Protein-Packed Hot Chocolate Coffee Featuring Octonuts Chocolate Almond Protein Powder

This healthy, delicious beverage will get you going in the morning  — coffee, chocolate, and plant-based protein thanks to paleo and keto-friendly Octonuts California Chocolate Almond Protein Powder. 🙌

Protein-Packed Hot Cocoa Recipe


1 serving (2 scoops) Octonuts Chocolate Almond Protein Powder
½ cup coffee
½ cup non-dairy milk
Non-dairy whipped cream (optional)


Add the Octonuts Chocolate Almond Protein Powder, coffee and non-dairy milk into a blender and blend on high until combined.

Pour into a small pot and warm on the stove.

Pour into a mug and top with non-dairy whipped cream and a sprinkle of Octonuts Chocolate Almond Protein Powder. Cheers! 

Protein Packed Hot Chocolate Coffee from Megan Roosevelt, @healthygrocerygirl

Recipe thanks to Megan of @healthygrocerygirl.